Malm's Carnauba Wax and Polish outshines anything

...and we mean anything, or UPS* will pick it up for a full refund!         

Since 1979 we've had so much confidence in our quality formulas we make this extraordinary guarantee. Use Malm's on half your car, your favorite wax on the other half. If you can't see an amazing improvement over your wax within 2 months, we will authorize you to ship your order back to us. We'll issue a full refund including the shipping!

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Please limit your questions to the subject of Vehicle Appearance Care.

If it's appropriate, we'll publish it on the SHINE LINE™ with our answer. The speed of our answers will depend on the volume of questions we're getting. The person submitting the best question of the month will receive a free bottle of Malm's Carnauba Wax. Just one to a customer. Please limit your questions to one per week.

Sorry, we won't answer questions about other manufacturer's products nor will we reveal trade secrets.

As our own waxes and polishes come with a two month money back guarantee, we suggest making your own side by side tests with other products you're considering.

All answers are strictly our opinion. If you get conflicting information, we suggest speaking to other professionals before making any decisions. We provide this information as a free service. If you don't care for our answers, you're entitled to double what you paid for them!

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